Duncan is an award winning motion director and designer from Sydney, Australia. He is currently splitting his time between NYC and Sydney and is available for international and local projects. He creates content for Film,TV and online and also specializes in creating infographic and 'explainer'​ motion graphics for organizations and businesses.

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25 05, 2013

May 25th, 2013|

THE APPLE TIMELINE (English version) from 2 FACTORY on Vimeo.

From the beginning of Apple Computing in 1976 to the release of the Iphone 5 in 2012, the firm headquartered in Cupertino has had a fascinating and unique history.
In more than 30 years, Apple revolutionized the microcomputing, music, and telephony industries and managed to win over millions of users throughout the world.

A story that we wanted to tell in motion-design!

Editorial /A.D/ motion design / sound design by 2Factory Agency: 2factory.com
Team: Clément (D.A. & motion design), Romain (motion design), Fabien (3D), Chris (editorial), Manu (Production)
This video was not ordered by Apple

Version française disponible ici: vimeo.com/66681850

21 05, 2013

May 21st, 2013|

100 Frames M is for Modern Art from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo.

See more at 100Frames.com

100 Frames is a brand new collaboration between Animator and Director – Fraser Davidson, Actor and Writer – Dan Jones and Producer – Matthew Harvey. We work together with a small team of colleagues, including Simon Tibbs and Morgan Samuel.

With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, the trio aim to create an exciting forum in which to combine animation, comedy and art. The unique quality to our site is to attract like-minded people who want to create and showcase their craft.

Applying the moniker – ‘100 frames’, there are only a few simple rules to what the content on our site can be. Firstly, each creation must be no more than 100 frames of animation. Secondly, it must be funny. Thirdly and most importantly, it must be artistic and beautiful.

We hope you enjoy.

Fraser, Dan & Matthew

21 05, 2013

May 21st, 2013|

Bill Maher – Irritable Bowl Syndrome from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo.

A short essay animated from the audio recording of ‘The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass’. It was originally performed on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’.

The book is published by Penguin (USA).

The book is available from Amazon here:

The audio book is available from iTunes here:

Written and Performed by Bill Maher
Directed and Animated by Fraser Davidson
Spot Effects and Audio Mix by Morgan Samuel

I do not hold the rights to the recording, this piece is intended only as an homage to Bill Maher’s short essay.


21 05, 2013

May 21st, 2013|

Revolution – FIFA Qatar from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo.

Animation created for The Revolution Will Be Televised. Produced by Hattrick Productions.

21 05, 2013

May 21st, 2013|

Eckert Caine – Bridge from ale.pixel on Vimeo.

Done at Conrad Caine (conrad-caine.com)

Agency: Conrad Caine
Client: Eckert Caine
Animation: Alejo Accini
Design: Flor Fernandez
Additional animation & support: Marcos de Lunardo, Matias Sesti
3D modelling: Eric Alcoceba
Music & Sound: Music Bag

21 05, 2013

May 21st, 2013|

Motion Reel 2012 from ale.pixel on Vimeo.

Montage of my latest works.
I had lots of fun doing this, enjoy!
You can find some screens at behance.net/ale_dg

0:00 – Intro / Design + chalk + Animation
0:06 – Stress / Design + Animation
0:10 – Bridge @ Conrad Caine / Animation
0:12 – LG Music / Design + 3D + Animation
0:16 – Bridge @ Conrad Caine / Animation
0:19 – JujubaLand Reel / Direction + Comp + Animation
0:24 – Gatorade / Art Direction + Design + Animation
0:30 – JujubaLand Reel / Direction + Comp + Animation
0:38 – Around the World with Story Studio / Art Direction + Design + Animation
0:44 – Journaux de France / 3D Animation
0:45 – Counter / Design + animation
0:47 – JujubaLand Reel @ JujubaLand / Direction + Design + 3D + Animation
0:52 – Picada Violenta / Design + 3D + Animation
1:00 – Domo / Design + 3D + Animation
1:04 – JujubaLand Reel / Direction + Animation
1:06 – Colección Fortabat / Design + Animation
1:08 – Bridge @ Conrad Caine / Animation
1:11 – Gatorade / Art Direction + Design + Animation
1:15 – Outro / Design + chalk + Animation

Song: Focker by Late of the Pier (edited, no commercial purposes)

21 05, 2013

May 21st, 2013|

Rosebud from ale.pixel on Vimeo.

New Zealand’s agency Chilli asked us to create a spot for Rosebud: an application which connects things you like, guiding you through discovery of new stuff. They sent us a pretty crazy script and we gave life to it!

More info and some stills @ behance.net/ale_dg

Client: Rosebud.io
Agency: Chil.li
Art Direction . Alejo Accini, Ary Silberstein
Illustration – Alejo Accini, Ary Silberstein, Agus Jeansalle
Animation – Alejo Accini, Ary Silberstein
Sound Design – Alejo Accini, Ary Silberstein
Unicorns & Rainbows – Magui Fumagalli

21 05, 2013

May 21st, 2013|

0xdata Explainer from VeracityColab on Vimeo.

How do you visually explain big data while keeping people awake and interested? One way, is to do it like this.

21 05, 2013

May 21st, 2013|

Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem :90 from Martin Allais on Vimeo.

To put into words what it actually took to made this film happened is very difficult, more with my very deficient written english, so i will be short on words and leave you to watch the movie.
Anyways i need to say that it took us over a year since the first pitch in August 2012, when i just sent some illustrations, until Jan 2013 that we got the GO to start producing this spot.
Over all this time, we got a lot of ups and downs and literally the project got into the drawer several times. I did a lot of drawings, we developed a lot of ideas, we traveled, we met, we drank, we talked, we sent mails, we did storyboards, we change shots, but always in the best of moods and we are actually sorry that it came to an end, because we wanted to keep on this wave of frames and drawings.
Thanks there to the creative team @ Martin, for giving me this chance, i learned stuff, i enjoyed stuff and made some friends on the way. And thanks to my team here because they’re awesome and we together sweat the same to work this out.
This campaign has more surprises to come over the next months, and i’m happy to be part of something bigger with studios i learned from and i admire a lot.
I don’t know if you will enjoy this as much as i enjoyed doing it. But we certainly made our best for that to happen!


Client Credits:
Global Marketing Communication:  Jill Baskin
Brand Marketing Director: Janda Lukin

Agency Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Group Creative Director: Jorge Calleja               
Creative Director: David Muhlenfeld                  
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta   
Senior Art Director: Brig White 
Planning Director: John Gibson                
Managing Director: Steve Humble
Senior Broadcast Producer: Kathy Lippincott
Broadcast Producer: Heather Tanton
Broadcast Junior Producer: Caroline Helms

Production Company: Studio Animal
Director: Martin Allais
Producer: Maria Soler Chopo
Illustration: Martin Allais
Storyboards: Martin Allais
Animatic: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Matt Deans
Animator: Pere Hernández, Javi Vaquero, Pablo Navarro, Dani Alcaraz
Tracing and color:Ezequiel Cruz, Macarena Ortega, Eva Puyuelo, Joel Morales
Compositing: Santi Justribó Martin Allais

Music (performed by): Owl City (Adam Young)
Voiceover talent: Owl City (Adam Young)
Original Music and Lyrics: David Muhlenfeld (English Major, LLC)

17 05, 2013

May 17th, 2013|

Connect Layers from motionboutique on Vimeo.

This script for After Effects connect selected layers with segments created using shape layers.
It has been created to visualize joints in Motion Boutique Newton2 but you can use it to create a lot of cool things.
There’s 3 types of connections: Spanning tree, Delaunay triangulation & 2D rope.
Connect Layers will be available very soon.

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